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Development and play are key to puppy growth.

Like human babies, pups go through various stages of development. Four weeks to 4 months is considered the most critical period in forming personality. Will he be friendly and outgoing? Will she be shy? Certainly there are genetics at work here, but a carefully crafted socialization program can have a huge impact. We not only provide experience with other pups and carefully selected older dogs - who can teach a pup a lot! - we also get your little one used to being handled by various people. This will help him adjust to veterinary and grooming experiences. And we work on basic obedience cues like "sit" and "leave it". Once your pup has had her second set of immunizations, she can start the program. Because we believe that this can make such a difference in a dog's life, we offer this program at no additional charge. Puppies up to five months of age accepted. Two days per week attendance minimum.

Two days per week attendance minimum.

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