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Little Dogs, too!

You may not feel as guilty leaving your small-breed dog at home, but he has the same needs for canine contact and socialization as his larger counterparts. At Doggie Pause, we have a special playroom and play yard, just for them!

Every dog is unique...

Like kids at nursery school, some race right in the first day, ready for whatever comes. Others are a bit shy, and might need to be eased into a doggie daycare program. We pay close attention to the needs of each and every dog in our care. That's why we are committed to keeping smaller group sizes and generous staffing ratios.

Dogs are very social creatures...

Most dogs enjoy the company of their own kind - and of humans. Animal behaviorists recognize the importance of the physical and mental activity that a well-run daycare can provide. Doggie Pause dogs participate in structured days, with training and problem-solving sessions to engage them mentally as well as romp time with their buddies for plenty of physical exercise. There are both inside (climate controlled) and outside play areas for supervised running and playing in a secure environment. We consider age, size and activity level when assigning a newcomer to a playgroup so that she is comfortable with her companions. And even many older dogs, who no longer want to do much wrestle-bite-run playing enjoy watching the youngsters and just being around other dogs and people. And might just get a massage or some extra lap-time!

Ongoing "tech support"

We are happy to help you with any dog-related issue that comes up, be it behavioral, dietary, or just information about the latest toy. If we don't know the answer, we probably have the resources to find it for you.

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