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We staff 24/7. The dogs are never left alone.

That one fact sets us apart from most other boarding facilities. There is always someone available in case of emergency, or to comfort a dog who is missing his mom. And they sleep in their own private space, which is also available for a daytime nap, if desired.

Boarders bring their own food from home, so they are continuing to eat the food they are used to eating. ( A cup of kibble with a bit of chicken breast, some cottage cheese, and a few green beans? No problem!) They can also bring their own bedding if they wish, though we have plenty. If oral medications or supplements are needed, we are happy to administer these at no additional charge.

For dogs who are not daycare regulars, we recommend bringing a t shirt or other article of clothing that has been worn by a family member. The familiar smell will help Max and Maggie settle in. And a day or two of daycare prior to boarding helps them feel more at home and realize that - yes - you ARE coming back!

End-of-stay baths are available at a reasonable rate.

We now offer year-round boarding! Call for more information and availability. 

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