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Like most everyone who opens a dog daycare, I love love love dogs! But more importantly, I'm interested in them. I like learning everything I can about them, and "everything" just keeps growing.

When I decided to open Doggie Pause in 1997, I immediately began studying whatever I could find about dogs: training, behavior, nutrition, general health. This was at a time when scientific research on dogs, neglected for so long, was exploding. I joined dog-related organizations, attended seminars, and talked to professionals every chance I got. My background was 20-plus years in healthcare management, hundreds of hours volunteering at an animal shelter, and my own dogs. Like most people, including trainers, I had very little experience in working with dogs in groups.


Once I opened for business in 1999, I quickly came to understand that, vital as the "book learning" might be as background, there was no substitution for the actual experience of watching dogs interact in a group setting. I learned a great deal, continued my efforts to learn more, and am no less fascinated today than I was in the beginning.

From the outset, I had a firm idea of the type of facility I wanted : a clean, safe, fun place that would enhance the lives of the dogs who came to us. I researched air flow and disinfectants, floor surfaces and fencing options, training modalities, diet guidelines and staff training. I looked at toys, bedding material, and adjuncts such as music and aromatherapy. I continued (and still continue) to modify as indicated. I knew that the accepted staffing levels of 1 attendant to 15 dogs was not enough to accomplish what I wanted: an environment that allowed for not merely supervision, but lots of 1:1 interaction that was tailored to each dog.

-Judy Gee

Owner & Doggie Best Friend



The success Doggie Pause has enjoyed is due in no small part to an outstanding staff. They, too, love dogs, and dogs love them! (The reaction of the dogs to a prospective employee is the deciding factor in the hiring decision.)

GOLD STANDARD ACCREDITED - We received Gold Standard Accreditation from the Colorado Association of Dog Daycares, and place great value on continuing education. The staff attends Pet First Aid classes and seminars on behavior and body language, as well as watching educational videos.


Judy has served on the board of directors of the Colorado Association of Dog Daycares since its inception, and helped develop the Gold Standard Accreditation program. This program certifies facilities who meet specific criteria re staff training and the evaluation of applicant dogs. We are extremely proud of our training, and our staff.

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