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*** Immunizations


Doggie Pause requires RABIES and DHLPP immunizations for every dog in the facility. BORDETELLA immunizations are always encouraged.

Please provide EXACT DATES from vet records, and bring a copy of immunizations with you to your Meet & Greet Appointment or upload documents below.

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This step is completely optional – we just love seeing dog it's always nice to put a nose and ears with a name before meeting! This will not effect your application, so no stress to get the best shot!

What experience does your pup have with social situations? *
You're walking down the street with your pup when a dog approaches...
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Terms of Application

Health and Temperament Agreement

Please read the agreement below, and accept the terms. This section is for your information, and you will be asked to sign a physical copy at your dog's evaluation appointment.

I understand that Doggie Pause ltd. provides an open-play environment for dogs, where numerous dogs may be commingled in the same area.

I also understand that I am solely responsible for any harm caused by my dog while attending Doggie Pause.

I further understand and agree that in admitting my dog, Doggie Pause has relied upon my representation that my dog is in good health and has not harmed or shown aggression toward any person or any other dog.

I understand and agree that Doggie Pause, its staff and volunteers will not be liable for any problems that develop, provided that reasonable care and precautions are taken. I hereby release them form any liability of any kind arising from my dog’s attendance and participation at Doggie Pause.

I also understand and agree that any problem that develops with my dog will be treated as deemed best by the staff and volunteers of Doggie Pause, in their sole discretion, and that I assume full financial responsibility for any and all expenses involved. In the unlikely event of the injury or death of my dog while in the care of Doggie Pause, every attempt will be made to contact me or my designee for instruction. Failing that, Doggie Pause staff will base decisions for action upon recommendation of my veterinarian and/or a veterinarian selected by Doggie Pause.

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